Dear Cthulhu

Dear Cthulhu,

I’ve spent many hours in deep thought over your latest communication. The nuance displayed was frankly astounding and I thank you so much for that gift. It reminds me how little we use the talents given to us, how lazy we can be in our expression and that creativity really should be cultivated regularly.

After my day yesterday, I had expected you to leverage the spider theme and present me with something truly terrifying. I am not at all disappointed that you did not and it is not to my credit that my expectation was really something so basic and uninspired. My apologies, you are far greater and wiser than I.

That we began in a garden, surrounded by everything normal and simple that you would find in any large garden in the world was just so peaceful – I remember thinking that it would be the perfect spot for a lazy afternoon nap.

Then to catch the glimpse of a hedge maze close by, far too tempting to pass up. To hold your hand as we slowly strolled through, while you pointed out all of the features of the maze; the fountains, variety of plants and the beautiful singing blossoms at every dead end that were, in fact, tiny disembodied baby faces, crying softly – Odd that I hadn’t thought until now that there must have been a reason they were crying.

I must confess that while the maze was indeed my favorite part, that the ending, where we exited the maze in a shower of petals and tears, was quite beautiful. And that the tears turned to ladybugs when they touched me was just the right balance of awe and creepy – all those legs and fluttering wings… I will treasure this one for many years to come.

Alchemy n 1. A power or process for transforming something common into something special. 2. The consequence of your tutelage. 3. What brings us together, keeps us together, joins us for life.

I hope this note finds you in comfort and good health!

Your Devoted Servant,


~ by Oden on October 3, 2016.

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