Q Time – What is your number one goal for this year?

What is your number one goal for this year?


Primarily my health, that has been my goal for the last three years since tumors were discovered, this year though I’m finding that I’m less interested in focused on curing and more in being the healthiest I can be with my condition. Knowing that I can be another year away from being cured, or at least from seeing a significant improvement, has made me consider the smaller effects it has had on my life; my strength, flexibility, endurance and activity level and how cumulatively those are just as threatening to my long term health.

My goal this year is to make some small changes to my regular routines. I’ll be choosing more challenging hikes more often, doing more yoga regularly and starting a walking schedule that will help me work my way back up to running a few months.


~ by Oden on January 7, 2016.

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