Dear Cthulhu – Resolutions

Dear Cthulhu,

Once again I find myself surrounded by the optimism of a new year, the bright promise of a fresh start, resolutions are being made, all change seems possible (if not even likely), all possibilities and potentialities are within our grasp. Unknowingly continuing the Roman worship of the G-d Janus – who presided over doorways, transitions, conflict, journeys the G-d of all beginnings and endings. Whose two faces had the ability to look into the past and the future simultaneously.

But while this has been custom for so long, it’s interesting to me that unlike Janus we tend to only focus on the future…perhaps if we kept a closer eye on the past it would help us stick to our goals for the year; grounding those goals in the reality of our past performance. Or perhaps that is the purpose in this, just as Janus sees all beginnings and endings that repetition is just as constant.

Well, I have babbled on long enough. I’m curious to here your thoughts on this and look forward to your next message. Last nights flooded office with dance breaks and surprise visitors while I desperately tried to pack my things was very interesting, I thank you for the pondering that has caused.

Your Committed Servant


~ by Oden on January 4, 2016.

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