Question – Name 3 Things You Should Have Done Today

Name 3 things you should have done today.


Hahaha…well…procrastination is a favorite hobby of mine as is keeping to-do lists sooo this one is both an easy one and slightly painful. We’ll go in order…

  1. I should have gotten up on time this morning, that would have made the rest of my task list easier to accomplish but I had the day off and when the alarm went off I turned it off instead of hitting snooze, an hour later I managed to get up.
  2. Which led to me missing out on half of my workout today, I got up and made it through boot camp but entirely skipped the cardio portion in favor of tackling the longer list of writing tasks I had on my list.
  3. I had planned to mix up my day by working on replacing some faucets today but in light of the late start and the long list I’ve decided to focus today entirely on writing and working on the house tomorrow. In hindsight I should have just gotten it over with.

How about you?

~ by Oden on September 10, 2015.

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