Question – What was your horoscope today?

What was your horoscope today? Was it accurate?

I don’t at all believe in horoscopes but here goes…

“You’ve seen enough fake people in your day to know one when you see one, so when someone brags about things that sound too good to be true today, trust your instincts. They are not someone you can put a lot of faith in. The people you know you can trust, like your friends and family, add a nice energy to your day. A best buddy, sibling or other relative contacts you with a short and sweet message. It seems like someone is thinking of you and sending you some love! Be sure to send some back.”

Accurate? Well sort of…

This all came to a head yesterday, not today, BUT anyway

I’ve had someone in my life for a few years now that I knew I couldn’t trust entirely, he told me up front that he was flaky but assured me that he’d always be there for the important things. He wasn’t and it ended badly. So when I read this today I thought – Yeah, this was not someone I could ever put any faith in, that I couldn’t trust with the easy stuff much less the difficult. That he failed pretty hard at being a friend much less a partner. And oddly I did listen to him tell a stranger a few days ago a lot of things about his feelings for me that did sound too good to be true.

I didn’t get a special message today but I did get lots of that nice energy from my friends, family and coworkers that I normally do and know I can count on. Big or small stuff, I have an awesome support systems of great people surrounding me. And I am so grateful for them all. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, is pretty damn special.

Not exactly a resounding message from the universe but proof positive that you can take just about any horoscope and apply it to whatever is happening in your life.

~ by Oden on July 30, 2015.

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