Dear C – Tattoos!!

Dear Cthulhu,

I thank you for the rich collection of wild, complex and scary dreams last night. I was delighted to wake this morning in a cold sweat with blankets tangled knowing that you and I are connected again. I continue to do your good work here and am grateful for your continued attention and patronage. We should discuss the tiny blue bird, though…I’m not sure I understand that bit.

I must admit though that I am very likely not your most dedicated follower. In my pursuit to find acceptable idols of your terrifying likeness in a sea of leggings and cute plushies, I have stumbled upon a group of disciples that have tattoo you on their very own bodies. Yes, TATTOOS!! My disappointment at not being a member of this tribe is great indeed – here are some excellent examples of their devotion for your amusement.

Yours in Chaos,


~ by Oden on July 20, 2015.

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