January Links – Dogs, Nice Guys, Blue Diamonds and Monuments

Best of January!

Ok, my best of January…maybe not your best of January but dammit it’s my site…


Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us

I’ve long thought that I’m not a really good candidate for dog ownership, mostly because they make me sneeze but also because I’m not around enough to give them the attention they need. This article solidified that for me, I am not at all wired to care for a furry toddler with emotional needs. I’ll stick to cats who really only tolerate me invading their home for gushy food and belly rubs.

Nice Guys Finish First

HERE!! Proof that the jerks don’t always win!! Ok so maybe they do get the girl more often but maybe that girl wasn’t really right for you anyway. In fact I’d bet money she wasn’t. So watch this and revel in the awesomeness of nice guys.

New Image of the Blue Diamond Cluster

Messier 47 is a very pretty cluster and it’s visible, though it will not look like the photo, at worst using binoculars. Instructions below the jump.

The Art of Tom Greenhall

The link will take you to Monumentimals, the latest project on Tom Greenhall’s site, a fascinating project on society’s obsession with animals. Click through the links to the right to see his other projects, I was amazed by the variety ideas and expression.




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