Spammy – Gaddafi Lives!

From: Dr.Mrs. Ayesha Mustafa (

Subject: Please Reply ASAP

Dearest, (Assalaamu Alaykum) My name is Dr.Mrs. Ayesha Mustafa from Libya and also a reputed Woman in Libyan government who deny the evil of Gaddafi the Libya leader whom had coercion Libyan people to be under his regime When average people survive with $2 per day.

The Gaddafi that’s been dead since 2011? And while we’re fact checking the average Libyan actually survives on about $39.92 per day, not an awesome sum but certainly better than many countries with only 7% or so living below the poverty line.

Libya is the second oil producing country in the entire surface of this Earth but her citizens live in poorest condition according to international standard.

No, not quite. You see the Libya is 27th in oil production and is 55th on the list of countries with high human development, ahead of Russia, Brazil and China.

I write this to see if you could help me to keep the sum of USD$6,000,000.00 Million with you for my Kids as most of our House and asset is taking by Gaddafi loyalist when he was alive. I am not sure if I would live more but in case anything happens to me I would like you to help me keep USD$6,000,000.00 Million which is right here as I write for my Kids since I might not survive this situation Aftermath.

I would think that someone that is writing from the customer service account of a bank would have better places to hide money… in… I don’t know… a bank maybe…

I have a relation who is an army official and a loyalist to Gaddafi that will help me in the transfer of these money and give back to my kids when the right time Come. My kids names are A’shadieeyah, Aadila, Amin.

Maybe your Gaddafi loyalist relation should speak to the Gaddafi loyalist that is trying to take your money?

But my husband was shut when he announced his resignation when Gaddafi was alive. What you are to do is take 30% of this money and keep the rest for my Kids in case I couldn’t make it. If you accept to help me please provide information on Where this money were to be send and how you can pick up. All Arrangement and process to transfer the money is ready.

You husband was shut?!

I know this is unconstitutional asking this favor from you but been a human being Consider Libyan people on this scenario .This is worst tragedy and inhuman Treatment and infringement in people’s life and freedom. If you do consider Helping me email me back because I can’t answer a phone call at this Juncture as all calls is monitored by the tyrant and United Nations. I will anticipate and appreciate your immediate acceptance to help me. I will update you in furtherance to get the money out from here.

You’re being monitored by a dead tyrant AND the UN? You may have bigger problems… I hear that if you put aluminum foil on your walls and windows that it will prevent the aliens from reading your thoughts…might work in this case too.

Finally, find attached my Passport, Picture of my children, Transfer Slip and Statement of Account for your perusal. Reply to me in my confidential and private email: ( Hope to hear from you soon. Remain Bless. Dr.Mrs. Ayesha Mustafa

~ by Oden on January 27, 2015.

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