Dear C – Sea of Jelly Faces

Dear Cthulhu,

I received your message late last night, though this one may take a considerable amount of time to decipher, being surrounded by a sea of singing, human faced, jelly fish and discovering that I could walk on them to safety if I stepped quickly and lightly and avoided their mouths (the one bite lingered an hour past waking) was certainly inventive. I have to admit that the anxiety of balancing on bitey faces was higher than I would have guessed but reaching shore to a chorus of “It’s February 2nd” was enough terror to not only wake me but to propel me right out of bed with the fear that I’d forgotten to pay all of my bills. Well done!

Speaking of nightmare worthy, have you seen the newest idol in your likeness the Glow-in-the-Dark Cthulhu? It’s quite well made I think; perfect for fooling the unsuspecting masses into believing that you could be very cuddly and not a horrific force bent on the subjugation of humanity. I predict it will find it’s way into many homes and offices.

Your Dedicated Disciple

~ by Oden on January 26, 2015.

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