Dear C – A Mercy Sacrifice

Dear Cthulhu,

I believe I may have found another potential sacrifice!

  • This individual is extraordinarily petty, often derailing conversation in her attempts to prove her superiority by pointing out the smallest of faults in others.
  • She also often seeks to delay the successful completion of work by others by steadfastly refusing to answer direct questions by redirecting conversations to other topics.
  • Often she doesn’t even read emails completely before responding, instead reacting emotionally to the writer and choosing one of the above responses.

I believe these are three certain signs of a terribly insecure person, completely crippled by their own sense of inadequacy. In most cases I’d feel a sense of responsibility to work with person and better understand them but with this particular individual I think it would be a greater mercy to her (and the rest of us honestly), if you’d consider her for your own purposes.

Your Devoted Acolyte

~ by Oden on January 12, 2015.

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