What is Your Number One Goal?


With the demise of Plinky, I decided to take another look at some journaling prompts that I found ages ago, and naturally haven’t used, as a potential replacement. At least for this year. So here goes…

What is you number one goal for this year? 

To find the right balance between work, family/friends, volunteering, and creative time. More specifically…

  • My goals become the focus of my schedule.

Putting time on my calendar for things like; studying, working out and writing as well as my project work and meetings.

  • Creating room for the unexpected.

Building in some slack so I still have time for the last minute stuff but also doing a better job at triaging (because sometimes that’s how I procrastinate) and saying no when I really don’t have the time.

I’m a great planner but I so often find myself sacrificing one area of my life when I get really busy in another and typically it’s the creative part that suffers for the rest. This year I really need to learn to say no, do better at pacing myself and guard my time with my goals in mind.




~ by Oden on January 8, 2015.

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