July 2014 Playlist

Afraid – The Neighbourhood (Explicit)

Warning – The song and the video are NSFW.

Hmm where to start?! The first time I heard this song I was having a rotten day and the “F*ck You Anyway” totally resonated. Now, many months later, I’m struck by how relatable this song is, and how often those feelings of frustration, fear and insecurity come up. This has become my favorite song to kick a hike off with, very cathartic.

Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys

Is it unrequited love or obsessing over an old love? I don’t think it matters either way, this one is also totally relatable… “Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few? Cuz, I always do.”


…And the video is totally trippy!

Pompeii – Bastille

I picked this one up mere days before it being on the radio constantly. It’s still a great song despite the airplay and fits the theme here. Where do you begin? Do you clean up your mess or tackle the problem that caused it?

Don’t Swallow the Cap – The National

Hmm I’m not sure what this one is about; some sort of emotional crises, of course. In any case it fits pretty well here and I really dig his voice.

Cut it Out – Kitten

Again with the I really don’t get it thing BUT I dare you to listen to this one and not find yourself singing along.

Dreaming – Smallpools

I’m a big believer in balance in all things, playlists are no exception. This is just a purely catchy, happy, top of your lungs sing it out kind of song, nothing deep, I promise.

Dissolve Me – alt-J

My favorite of this playlist, it’s a must to crank up the volume, dance dervish-like and try to sing along with the snip-its that are understandable. This track is the standout from their first album, I’ll have to check out their sophomore release to see if it has anything comparable.

Make it to Me – Manchester Orchestra & Grouplove – Not official

When I listen to this what I hear is a whatever, you don’t want me, I didn’t really want you anyway kind of song. I’m not sure that’s what they were going for but I like it.

Handshake – Two Door Cinema Club

I would not recommend watching the video, this may be one that is better to give a listen or two first. Though, the video is brilliant, but it’s umm super distracting from the lyrics and the lyrics are really awesome.

And yes, the devil would want you back.

Diamonds – The Boxer Rebellion

Oh the dangers of not really seeing someone for who they are, holding them up to your expectation or vision of what they could or should be. Yes, we’re back in naval gazing territory.

Sacrilege – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This one musically doesn’t really fit that well but it is kind of in the vein of the previous two songs about not really seeing someone for who they are. Bonus points for a super creepy video.

Inhaler – Foals

I LOVE FOALS! That is all.

Breathing Underwater – Metric

Interesting to think about that moment where you compare what you thought your life would be and where you are now. Not really anything more than that.

The Pit – Silversun Pickups – Live

Oooh the opening gives me chills! Such a great live band, though this live video isn’t their best. Anyway, I picked this song kinda in this theme of challenging the perceptions you have of your life and the lives of others. I love this analogy of cleaning out a wound with dirty fingers – like your wounds really aren’t that scary and don’t need such careful tending because no one really cares, they have wounds too.



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  1. I love bastille especially, and will DEFINITELY check out some of the other songs on here…it’s interesting, I never really thought about that particular section of the lyrics in Pompeii being about that, but now it’s like it’s all made sense and slotted into place!

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