Best Links of Jan 2014 – Snowmen, Asylums and Dating

Best of January!

                Ok, my best of January…maybe not your best of January but dammit it’s my site…

20 of the Internet’s Most Awesome Snowmen

I’ve lived in Arizona for 15 years now, snowmen are scarce here. We once made hailmen but it’s not quite the same thing. This site made me a little nostalgic for the white fluffy stuff; #8 is definitely my favorite.

How many of your health supplements are actually snake oil?

Yikes! As a friend pointed out this is a multi-million dollar business so I shouldn’t be surprised. More than one supplement I take or have taken was below the line, something to consider before you spend your money.

Why you make bad decisions when you’re attracted to someone

Because love, duh! Well, not love exactly, hormones are more accurate and hormones have been making us do dumb things for centuries. Check the article out for the ins and outs of how your body is totally screwing with you.

A poster that explains all the different varieties of zombies

I really need someone to explain the poster to me in detail but that doesn’t erase the fact that it’s beyond cool. SO MANY ZOMBIES!

Happy Jar

I love a lot of webcomics but couldn’t really say that any get a look every single day until I found this one – it is that cool. He doesn’t post every day but I still check, just in case.

No One Knows if it’s Dating or Not

This one sparked a number of conversations the week it published. At first I didn’t think much about the complexities of hanging out vs dating vs relationship, mostly because as a woman I was under the impression we typically get to make those calls, I was wrong.

So here are my two cents – Hang out with someone until you’ve decided if you want to date them or not. Date someone until you decide you want to have a relationship with them or not.  Have a relationship when you decide that you’re ready for something long term/serious. Above all  DO NOT have sex until you’re ready and are comfy with openly discussing what type of situation you’re in and the expectations that come with it. You’re the boss of your heart and body – own it – and occasionally make horrible decisions, they’re good for you.

Up in the Old Asylum

Every once in a while I come across a site that is just so ridiculously creative and stunning that I’m giddy and speechless all at once. This is one of sites. Gorgeous photography of a totally derelict asylum, layered with the thoughts, experiences and stories of people who were actually there- touching and tragic all at once.

~ by Oden on February 5, 2014.

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