The Perils of Being a British Merchant – Spammage

Urgent Help Please !

Dear Beloved.

Beloved?! That’s so sweet! And puts me right into a helping mood…carry on.

My name is Mrs.Catherine Beattie a British Merchant. I have been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, which was discovered very late, due to my laxity in caring for my health. This sickness has defiled all forms of medicine, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts.  I have since lost my power of speech and can only manage to write now; as that has been the only way I am able to communicate.

Defiled all forms of medicine? As in tainted, ruined or spoiled? Exactly how are you taking these medicines and what kind of Doctor do you see…

I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone not even myself but my business. Though I am very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focus on my business as that is the only thing I cared for. But now I regret all, as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world. I believe when the Almighty gives me a second chance to come to this world I would live my life a different way from how I have lived it.

You do realize that Brits are always the villains in American movies, right?! That you’re evil is really not at all surprising to me.

Now that I know my time is near, I have willed and given most of my properties and assets to my immediate and extended family members and as well as a few close friends. I want nature and the Almighty God in Heaven to be merciful to me and accept my soul and so, I have decided to give the remains of my wealth to charity organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I did on earth.

But you’ve given most of it to family and friends…. Mmmkay…

So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations in the Caribbean Island, London and Ireland. Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself any more. I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts in Switzerland and donate the money in the account to the motherless/charity homes across Africa, Europe and America organizations, they refused and kept the money to themselves. I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them.

And yet you still gave most of your fortune to your family?!?! Of course they are British so therefore likely to be evil…

The last of my money which only few of them know of is the (US$8.7M) cash deposit that I have with a financial firm. I will want you to help me collect this deposit and dispatched it to charity organizations and please earn only 20% of the money as your fee for the distribution. Please let me know if you are interested in helping me out.

Because the financial firm couldn’t do this? So in summary you have horribly incompetent Doctors, family and financial advisors and yet you’ve managed to make a large fortune in ‘business’?! Noooo, not at all suspicious…

May the Almighty God remain with you as you help.
Mrs.Catherine Beattie.

~ by Oden on February 4, 2014.

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