Dear Cthulhu Jan 21 2014

Dear Cthulhu,

My humblest and sincerest apologies for neglecting my duties this week, your loyal servant was immobilized, quite unwillingly, by a particularly nasty virus. Being an omnipotent being, you may not be aware of the havoc this viruses can cause on us mere humans, let me assure you it is quite unpleasant.

Which brings to mind an idea, while suffering through this scourge I had occasion to find myself imagining things, no doubt due to my feverish state, minor things I assure you; flickering lights, voices behind me, and small sparkly animals frolicking….but I digress…It occurs to me that you may very well be able to completely overwhelm a human in such a state, perhaps without much effort at all. I understand that it would certainly lessen the conquest to take advantage of the weak but perhaps the scale of converts would outweigh that.

Something to consider…

I assure that I have mostly beaten this foe and will return to my normal happy-minion duties right away.

Your devoted servant,


PS – I’ve been meaning to ask – Were the tap dancing rats on the steamboat a metaphor for the willful, joyful ignorance of mankind?

~ by Oden on January 21, 2014.

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