January 2014 Playlist – Shlohmo, Yeasayer, Cold War Kids, Interpol

I started this one off with Shlohmo, having one of those super introspective nights where I was muddling through making a fairly important life decision. Each song, now completely out of order, pretty accurately reflects all of the different thoughts/emotions I went through along the way. I did end on a solid decision and Interpol’s Success – for what that’s worth.

You can listen on Spotify or click through the links to watch the videos (not all are official).

TOKiMONSTA feat MDNR – Go With It

Leaps of faith are lovely, gut wrenching and anxiety laden trips but always, without fail, end as they should, just perhaps not as you had hoped. This song has it right – let it unfold, just go with it.

Fitz And The Tantrums – Out Of My League

If I could magically erase one statement for ever, preventing anyone from ever uttering it again, it just might be “out of my league”. I mean really?! Defeatist! Hush with that nonsense! BUT this song is just amazing ear candy despite the title/subject.

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons

There are loads of good breakup songs but good post break up songs? Not so much. This one is an awesome, I no longer love you, care for you, and want to see your face or really even pay you any mind at all song.

Yeasayer – O.N.E.

This might be the opposite of Changing of the Season, I’m not entirely sure and every time I listen I waffle between feeling like it’s a please take me back song or a total you suck break up song. Love Yeasayer so much!

Bloc Party – Day Four

I heard some rumors about this song being about recovery from addiction but couldn’t find anything to support that. For me this song represents the exhaustion you feel after going through something, anything difficult, and really Kele’s voice can just break your heart.

Shlohmo – Out of Hand

I stumbled across this song late one night and found myself going back to it again and again – good sign that it resonated though I really couldn’t tell you why other than to say it makes me feel a bit pensive.

Kidnap Kid – So Close

This may very likely be a total chick song, I am a chick though so – whatever. I think that when we talk about needing someone; friend, family, lover, that this is more accurately the need we mean – To feel comforted in the company of another who feels the same in return. Which I think is pretty wonderful.

Atlas Genius – Electric

I may expose a theme here; this is another leap of faith song, but more about how you make those choices than about trust. So don’t worry so much about what you thought the future would be, let go of what has happened in the past and see what happens next.

Youngblood Hawke – Say Say

I’m starting to hear this one on the radio, and that makes me happy (and hopefully means a real video is coming) because it’s just a great peppy hopeful tune.

Cold War Kids – Lost That Easy

There is something in here about resiliency that I really love. Maybe that quality of being off center, or out of balance and how it’s temporary or transient even, that even in those states you aren’t necessarily gone.

The Veils – Through the Deep, Dark Wood

I went with a live acoustic version of this song because it completely changes the tone the song from a lovely tune about love to something entirely dark and my goodness they are really amazingly good musicians. Just listen…trust me…

Silversun Pickups – Here We Are (Chancer)

You know that moment that happens in every relationship where you’ll either move forward or quit altogether? Something has gone wrong or maybe it was a small stumble and there you are at that fork not quite sure which direction you’ll go – this is that very moment.

Interpol – Success

Without a doubt Interpol is my favorite band and Paul Banks my favorite singer/songwriter of all time. This song perfectly displays why – dark, sullen, profound, complex, and breathlessly unhappy – brings out the swooning  14 year old girl in me every time.

Twin Shadows – Golden Light – LIVE

Without a doubt this is my favorite video on the entire list and the lyrics are just as good – “The stunning things you say, like it’s been so long, so long, since a brave boy, fell in love”. I can’t wait to catch this group live.

Crystal Castles – Affection

I think this is pretty much the musical equivalent of that first up close, bodies pressing, deep wet kiss that stops time and yet doesn’t last anywhere near long enough.

~ by Oden on January 15, 2014.

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