Dear Cthulhu Jan 13 2014

Dear Cthulhu,

I thank you for your timely and vibrant response. The imagery, specifically the muted desert like tones, was quite emotive and well beautiful. I’m not quite sure why you chose to place my boss drinking a glass of beer in the midst of a swirling storm of glitter, I may need some help determining the meaning of that, BUT I do believe I get the gist.

Did you know Freud?

In my quest for a suitable sacrifice I came across, quite possibly the most audacious man alive, a pimp by trade (generally a fairly audacious group to begin with), who in the course of managing his business took it upon himself to prove what I’m sure was a very important point by stomping on the face of an unruly customer. Perhaps not the best customer service, I’d agree, and I’m sure would have alone led to a chilling effect on his regular sales but I digress… The audacious part of this story is not the stomping itself but what happens after. It would appear that this man would argue that he would not have stomped on the face of a customer if there had been a warning label on his shoes, I mean how one could possibly know that face stomping while wearing shoes could result in serious damage to the stompee?! I think this is a bold move…likely to cause plenty of heated debate…perhaps this man is someone you should carefully consider…

I will await further instruction.

Your humble minion,




~ by Oden on January 13, 2014.

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