October 2013 Playlist – The Lovey List

Girls/Girls/Boys – Panic! At the Disco

                Oh My! That video! <Fans self>

I was working on a little complicated love theme for this one what could be better fit for that than a song about digging on a girl who has a girlfriend AND a boyfriend?! I love Brenden Urie’s voice and he’s at his soaring best in this one.

Crying Lightning – Arctic Monkeys

Like most songs by Arctic Monkeys, I’m really not 100% sure what this is even all about BUT this one lyric has stuck with me and I think it fits.

 “Straighten the rudder girl
And sail me up stairs
And go and find somebody
Who cares
Well we might not be the perfect partners
But tonight we make a pair” 

So Insane – Discovery

I picked this one because there’s nothing more complicated than those early high anxiety feelings that we’ve all had. You don’t know which way is up, what’s going on or even what to do. To add to the complication this Vampire Weekend/Ra Ra Riot collaboration is trippy and adorable, simultaneously. I picked a non-official video (there isn’t an official one) that I feel like suits the song perfectly.

Such a Fool – Band of Skulls

The opposite of all those heady feelings pretty is the cornerstone of this one, when you make the mistake of trying to dampen it down, be cool and not give anything away. And how does that usually end? Exactly!

Thirst – City and Colour

“Gracefully cursed”? My absolute favorite musical genre is the angry guy song; this one is going to end up in the top 10 for sure. With intelligent, witty lyrics and subtly bombastic tune you’ll be singing along loudly before you know it.

Back it Up – Caro Emerald

Honestly, I have no idea how this song got on this list. It just works J

Despair – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

You could probably interpret this a few different ways but I’m going to stick with a very literal version, no matter how bad things are the world will still be there tomorrow and you’re not alone.

Constant Conversations – Passion Pit

I picked a slightly different version for my actually playlist, this one is far mellower and moody even which definitely matches the song better. I love Passion Pit for a number of reasons, mostly because they songwriting is deceptively deep and this especially about deception itself will have you picking up something new every time you listen.

Love Me Again – John Newman

Is there anything better than hearing how wrong he was? How much he wants you to forgive him? Maybe telling him hell no? Yeah, that pretty much sum up why this song is going to be popular. But check the video out…it may not be that simple. LOL

Sonsick – San Fermin

Is there anything more romantic than a completely hopeless case? This one conveys that inner dialogue I think every woman has had as she looks at something so wrong but chooses to step towards it anyway.

Land of Gathering – The Ceremonies

Here’s another that doesn’t really fit but it’s sweet anyway, and bouncy.

Waiting Game – Banks

Quite possibly one of the best break up songs – EVER! Banks has such a sweet, innocent voice but the lyrics are nothing but. Direct and to the point, this isn’t working and it never will. Love it!

Love Illumination – Franz Ferdinand

You’ve got to excuse the totally ridiculous video; this is an awesome, jaded, looking for love song hidden under complete nonsense. “If you’re looking for somebody while you’re looking for somebody love”

oOoO – Oberhofer

This is a brilliant way to very cutely tell someone that you’re just not at all interested in their obsessing over you and will probably leave them smiling wondering if they really heard what you just said…

Frivolous Life – YesYou

I’ll leave this one up to you…I thought it ended things on a perfect note.

~ by Oden on October 14, 2013.

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