I am a rock

This question is timed perfectly for what is going on in my life this week. I recently broke my left foot and am in the process of adjusting my life and routines around what I’m able to do. It’s been interesting reflecting on how silly I can be at times in my desire to not depend on others. Yes, I drove myself to urgent care (stupid clutch) and continue to drive myself around despite having other options, I haven’t taken any time off of work, and aside from having my family run a few errands for me, not much of what I do normally has changed. I do prefer to rely on myself, feel uncomfortable when a fuss is made and take a lot of pride in overcoming obstacles and figuring out ways to work around problems. However, I do realize that my family does want to help, perhaps even needs to in the same way I need to be independent (I mean no one likes to feel helpless) so saying yes to an offer of assistance once in a while can be good for everyone.

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~ by Oden on September 19, 2013.

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