Every day, during lunch time our break room is taken over by what we like to call the Rush & Glenn fan club. Fortunately they represent the minority in my department but given their loud and often offensive debates most of us steer clear of the room while they are in there. I recently however had to brave the gauntlet and this is what happened:

Rushiest: “Oh easy now, there is a liberal in the room”

Rushlighter: “We should get her take on this, might be good to hear what the other side is saying”

Rushiest: “Alright, what do you think about the Obama restricting access to guns after the Aurora massacre”

Me: “Well, Obama has a pretty clear stand on gun control, basically not doing anything. If you’re referring to his endorsement of a state level ban well that was in 1996, he certainly hasn’t acted on it.”


Rushiest: “Well he’s changed his tune now”

Me: “Really? What legislation has he introduced to change any current gun laws? I’d love to see that.”

Rushlighter: “He’s planning on it.”

Me: “Really? He didn’t do anything after the Tucson shootings, what makes you think he’s going to do something now with even more opposition to his policies and only a few months before an election?”


Rushiest: “He’ll do it just so the liberal media will back him.”

Me:”Ahhh, because they aren’t now. I see.”

<now here is where I should have left the room>

Rushlighter: “Do you think there should be restrictions on guns?”

Me: “Absolutely, assault rifles/automatic weapons are unnecessary and you should have to obtain a permit to purchase any type of gun that includes a background check and a mental health assessment.”

Rushiest: “Absolutely? Are you a fascist? Or are you just UNAMERICAN!” <emphasis mine>

Me: “I’m UNAMERICAN? Really? My ancestors were original settlers of Pennsylvania and North Carolina; in fact all of my ancestors were here prior to 1730. My family fought in the Revolutionary War; the battle at King’s Mountain was on their property. We’ve fought and lost lives in every single war since then. I was raised to believe that service to my country and its people, defending the right of anyone to state their opinions freely regardless of my own, the ability to address the flaws in our government through the democratic process, and the responsibility to educate myself to the level where I can do all three were part of what actually made me American. ”


Ok so my tone was probably all elitist lefty, I am from the East Coast <gasp> and I should know better to even engage in a discussion with this group especially given my level of antsy lately. I think I’ll be running upstairs for water for a while.

~ by Oden on July 24, 2012.

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