July Playlist

I started this one off with Broken Bells and given my mood it took a few twists and turns but I think it’s pretty solid and one that I’ll enjoy listening to again and again. The Broken Bells video in here is INCREDIBLE – that is a must watch, so beautiful and original. The rest…well…all good on their own terms and definitely worth a listen.

Settle Down – Kimbra

I really hope this song is ironic. If not, please don’t tell me I really don’t want the bubble burst. Really!

Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) – Silversun Pickups

Did you play Bloody Mary as a kid? I so love the thought here, taking risks, being daring and trusting.

Sun of a Gun – Oh Land

This pretty much the most perfect (from a girl’s point of view) unrequited love song without any whining because you know whining is pathetic – QQ at you Adele.

How Come You Never Go There – Fiest

The funkiest groove and I mean like hip grinding, biting that bottom lip, cutting your eyes and all attitude. You know you like that!

Call It What You Want – Foster the People

I am so at the very core of me and ex punk rocker who bristles at any attempt to box me, this is a screw you judgy people, I’m gonna do me song.

Only If For A Night – Florence + The Machine (Not official)

Soooo not sure what this one is about but it’s pretty.

I’m Good, I’m Gone – Lykke Li

She’s is so good at the girl power songs isn’t she?! Well this one doesn’t disappoint – I’ll be cranking up the volume and singing along.

The Head I Hold – Electric Guest

I HATE this video but love this song in equal measures AND I dance like a dervish around the house whenever it comes on.

Take A Walk – Passion Pit

Another in the huh?! list…great beat though and I ❤ Passion Pit so hush!

Fall At Your Feet – Boy & Bear

OMG I just love this song, it’s a remake (Crowded House) but one of the few that I believe improves on the original, so sweet!

Rill Rill – Sleigh Bells

“Have a heart, have a heart, have a heart
Sixteen six six six like a heart attack
We form a tarot pack
And I’m aware of that
But we could fist fight drunk like the parent trap”

Umm Yeah…

Junk of the Heart (Happy) – The Kooks

You want to make me happy? Want to make me feel alive? Well…ok…sure…

Eyes Wide Open – Gotye (Saturday Night Live)

So I sorta dismissed Gotye as a one hit wonder but after Amazon did a .99 purchase offer I actually gave him a listen and seriously love this song. Maybe he’s not so bad after all.

Mountain Sound – Of Monsters And Men

Without a doubt my favorite new band (to me) of this year; watch this video and you’ll know why. And the lead singer is way too cute.

October – Broken Bells

You MUST click that link – it is the most amazing combination of music and art and completely interactive! This song is the cornerstone of this playlist because it absolutely hits me straight in the gut.

Somebody to Love Me – Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.

Not a huge Mark Ronson fan but this drew me right in…Boy George!! Boy George!!

Let’s Go – Matt & Kim

The thing I love the most about Matt & Kim is that every time you listen it’s like the first time and such a lovely surprise too. Like opening a drawer and finding a gift you’d forgotten about. Yeah, that awesome.




~ by Oden on July 18, 2012.

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