Dear Cthulhu – July 16

Dear Cthulhu,

How’s it going down there in the watery depths? I have to admit that pruney and clamy come to my mind when I think about it. Which reminds me does it ever occur to you that your choice is biographer may have been poor in hindsight? Especially when considering Scientology, I mean they have alien beings and secret societies too and yet somehow managed to win over a Will Smith FPS! WILL SMITH!! Think of the possibilities! I think you got gipped.

Speaking of, my mind has been troubled lately, no not by madness or anxiety, so sorry, but by men, actually. Do you consider yourself male? I waver there, myself, mostly because I look at other so called G-ds and they are all about smoten’ bitches, yet you take a more subtle route – havoc and mayhem. Much more like how a woman would approach the whole end of times thing, don’t you think? So given that you seem to have a good balance there, I’m hoping that maybe you could help out with this. Can you just make boys make sense? And if not smoten’ is still an option…

I can even give you a list…

Your Faithful Servant,


PS To show you how devoted I am, I recently picked up this fabulous shirt by the even more fabulous Melee_Ninja – Godzilla vs. Cthulhu. Obviously I know you can totally take him – fire breathing is for wusses.


~ by Oden on July 16, 2012.

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