Do you put the over in oversharing?

How much of ‘oversharing’ is really subjective and dependent on your level of relationship with the other person. Is there a difference between your closest friend telling you she has cramps and see a stranger post about it? Does it become an overshare if it’s too detailed? Or is oversharing simply a function of sharing your life minutia too often?

I have a variety of friends on this spectrum, those who rarely share online all the way to those who post multiple times an hour and the variety of information can on some days be a little overwhelming. From my perspective though, I wouldn’t be friends with you if I wasn’t interested in reading about what is going on in your life and part of being friends is accepting people as they are.

Personally, I don’t share even a quarter of what I have going on and that’s mainly because I don’t find it that interesting, compelling or worth reading but if I get the urge to post something that was said or just happened I consider it a sign that I should and not spend much time pondering it’s worth. I may just be part of the problem…

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~ by Oden on July 12, 2012.

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