Being Supportive?

Doing a little purging this week I stumbled across a card that I received from a male friend after a very bad breakup. I’m pretty sure I was a weeping mess for weeks on end. So this may be the result of that switch going off in a guy’s head when he’s been supportive for just a moment too long.

Makes me laugh and shake my head at the same time.

Things are never easy and never work out the way you plan. If it’s what you want…stick with it. Don’t push and don’t despair. Remain steady and that may help. If not you’re better off now than 16 months now with a baby on the way.

You must be a rock in the storm. You must find your rock to stand by when your storms rage.

Time makes all clear, you can only chose your direction in life.

Remember I love you and count on you. Sometime you need to take a step back for you and yourself…

Is Tom Cruise gay?

Gentlemen take note, a female friend would have just consumed an obscene amount of ice cream with me while we plotted death and destruction. So much easier!

~ by Oden on June 7, 2012.

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