Growing up I was often the responsible person in the house. While my parents did the overall providing, it was left to me to carry out the day to day things on my own by the age of 8 or 9; cooking my own meals, following a schedule, getting back and forth to school, laundry ect. Probably not that uncommon in my generation; where my upbringing may be different is that I often didn’t have anyone to help me through the bigger issues. By the time I was approaching 14 I’d decided that I’d be better off on my own and left home. I think though I was acting like an adult at that point I still had a safety net of sorts – I may have felt like an adult but didn’t feel like an accomplished adult until I was full-on out on my own with a child to support and doing it well. Being tethered to such a monumental responsibility, loving every minute of it and not screwing it up in my mind is the definition of an adult.

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~ by Oden on May 31, 2012.

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