August Playlist

I started off this one really wanting to pull together a super peppy collection to help get my heart pumping on that dreaded treadmill in the morning. This is SO not a good workout playlist if your idea of such leans more towards top 40 standards.

As usual I went a little off mission -Peppy beats? Check! Dark song topics? Double check!

  1. Ambling Amp – Yeasayer

I chose this one because it is a fantastic little life anthem and pretty closely fits my personal views. Perfect for those days where you need a little reminder that this too shall pass.

  1. Crystalised – The XX

Bit harder to describe the why on this one without delving into a bigger relationship discussion. You’ll just have to listen.

  1. Little Secrets – Passion Pit

You’d hard pressed to find a peppier ear worm; rainbows, scars, lemon juice to rain, it’s all about the transformation.

  1. Good ‘Ol Fashion Nightmare – Matt and Kim

This is my stomping, shouting and running amok song because it is kind of about running amok.

  1. Dull to Pause – Junior Boys

Every time I hear this song I’m taken back to those early moments of relationships when you robotically go through your day to day life replaying that long and perfect kiss standing in the parking lot at Lux. Well…you get the idea.

  1. Alligator – Tegan and Sara

And on the other end of that spectrum we have a break up song that neatly hides it’s topic under a super up-beat track. One of those that will make you laugh once you’re past the point of plotting their demise.

  1. Olympic Airways – Foals

I ADORE Foals! They can do no wrong. None! I love the idea of running away to a special sanctuary of your very own. That this specific sanctuary is just a larger cage gives it a special twist.

  1. Odessa – Caribou

Another break up song, however, not a typical one; it is more about rediscovering your voice and less about the being done wrong side.

  1. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells

I have no idea what this song is about. “Don’t let the lady finger blow in your hat.” Yeah, no idea. Catchy, though.

  1. All is Well – Glint

My favorite out of this entire list; the title speaks for itself.

  1. Young Folks – Peter, Bjorn & John

Soooooo sure it is all about acceptance in love, very sweet stuff and makes you feel good too. I promise!

  1. A Place in Displacement – South

This one I downloaded on a whim after only hearing a short clip. It’s a good no regrets at all song which is pretty much why it landed on this list.

You can play them all here –

~ by Oden on August 14, 2011.

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