10 Things That Make Me Happy

The scent of peaches reminds me of taking long afternoon walks in the summertime with my grandfather. He lived on Peachtree Street, which was in fact lined with peach trees, and by August the air was completely overtaken by the smell of ripening peaches.

My son
There isn’t any other person in the world who can make me laugh louder, smile broader or drive me crazier than my child.

Endorphins! Well and also the complete solitude of running while the rest of the world is still asleep; nothing but the sound of my shoes hitting the trail while I try to spot the constellations in the sky and avoiding the occasional critter. It’s the one time that I truly feel part of the world. .

I so enjoy having in depth intelligent conversations with people. It doesn’t matter if we share the same view point; in fact it’s often better if we don’t. I appreciate the dialogue and the occasional challenge.

It can save the world!! Don’t believe me? Go hug someone right now!

Nothing I “do” can put my mental self more in tune with my physical self than yoga. I’m instantly internally aware and externally absent at the same time and content to become lost in the process.


A great game will have something to fit every mood and there are times in a persons life where a little pwnage makes it all OK.


The process can be daunting but if you stick it out through the rough patches you come out the other side with a bond that just makes life more enriching. There are few things in more comforting than knowing someone and being known by them in turn.

It’s one of the few thing that I do just for the pure selfish pleasure of it.

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~ by Oden on October 7, 2010.

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