What I do all day….

I’ve been keeping a journal of what I do during my work day the last two weeks, trying to determine what I enjoy most about my job and figure out what I want to do next.

This past week has been insane; keep in mind that I manage software development – that is my actual title. See if you can spot where I did that….



DW Build failed – Spent the entire day rerunning process, validating numbers, caching data and running reports. All manual.

Updated 12 project plans

Created 4 new project plans

Tested 2 new software tools

Pulled statistics for three revenue projection models



Two hours of making nice meetings

Resolved Sharepoint connectivity issues

Designed a web site for initiative launch

Redesigned a process to eliminate duplication of effort – created LOADS of Visio diagrams

Team building extravaganza over coffee



Installed and configured 2 SQL08 instances

Rescoped conversion project for two data warehouses

Researched Fastflip and presented overview to executives

Reviewed SEO outsourcing project details and made recommendations

Validated projection models for discounts and rate changes

Team building extravaganza part deux over coffee



Created interview quiz for data analysis position (not mine)

Facilitated process redesign discussion to final agreement

Reviewed current hardware inventory for department and defined optimal requirements by job description

Nine hours of meetings

~ by Oden on September 17, 2009.

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